With a background of over 20 years in the beauty and holistic industry, the pandemic hit me fairly hard.

I saw this as a chance to put my qualifications in aromatherapy, love of natural products and my keen eye for detail to a different use.

As a family we've always a used natural alternatives. Growing up learning to use herbs, plants and spices for different remedies and ailments. Traditions passed down from Middle Eastern parents, and now to our children. This has given me the reason to make my own blends of teas and infusions to help support wellbeing.

As a woman I understand the challenges we come across through hormonal changes in different stages of our lives. Having PCOS from a young age hormonal balance is something I've looked for in different areas, I found reaching for natural herbal remedies has helped. This is what inspired me to create my Women's blend Tea and Rollerball Remedy as well as other products to help support female wellbeing.

LV Apothecary is a combination of everything we love, bringing together a beautiful collection of products to add to your home and lifestyle.

Carefully selected to enhance wellness and inspire joy, whilst helping you make conscious and sustainable choices.

Nadia x