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Apothecary Burner & Matches Set

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This collection includes everything you need to add style, ambience and therapeutic scent into your space. 

Custom build your handcrafted copper and wood oil burner. Choose your flask, clip colour and wood base.

Includes an apothecary style bottle with long white safety matches, strike on the base to light your match. 

Your choice of pure essential oil to add your scent. 


This set includes a pure essential oil of your choice. Handcrafted from sustainable materials, this oil burner adds a stylish accent to your space. With a minimalist design, create the mood with a warm glow and a blend of oils to help you reset, feel balanced and calm in your environment.

Made from reclaimed wood and 15mm copper piping to suspend a sturdy 250ml borosilicate glass laboratory flask.
Copper is one of the only metals that can be recycled continuously, maintaining its integrity through recycling for a high sustainability value.

The length of the base is 19cm long by 9cm wide, it's 25cm to the top of the copper pipe. As these are handmade, all sizes are approximate and can vary slightly.

This makes a unique gift that gives a wellbeing experience every time it's used as well as being a striking accessory in the home.