Music is therapy

Music is therapy

Anyone that knows me well knows that as the O'Jays song goes, 'I Love Music'!

I have a pretty eclectic taste that I find has always been there to support different moments in life. This has been passed on to the next generation too, who surprisingly know lots of songs you wouldn't expect them to at their age!

Music is therapy. 🎵
It is a powerful tool to support emotional well-being. A song that has the ability to instantly lift your mood when you're feeling down, or bring calm and help you to relax when stressed or anxious. Music has the power to build confidence, bring joy, comfort and peace.

We believe it should be part of what LV Apothecary has to offer.

So, as part of awakening the five senses we have created our first playlist!
This collection of songs is all about chilling out and relaxing. Switching off from the world and giving your body and mind a break, letting the music soothe you.

Hope you like it!

Run the bath, light the candle and press play 🎧


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